Friday, November 9, 2007

The Trail

Hopes, the sky to fly high
Stop a while and hear me sigh
Run over, crush the dreams all
Fun-ride to scream of joy so tall
Butterflies, yesterday's in belly turned
Utter lies, now in gutter lie burnt.

Heed no words, tear hearts apart
Lead to whims until we part
'In the heart still its, you say
Win you grin, am doll or toy
Name o' the game, interim joy?
Rome to burn and Nero plays
Minds so far still, let be, but
Trust 'n' love is lost a lot.

Grave so revered, where we lit
Glow of vow, forget you did
Forsake it for the forbidden isle
Mistake to regret, once a while
Haul your frolic, fun indigo
Fall but once 'n' feel you owe
Feelings true, you forgot to see
Zealous come you, but will be late.

MAY the day I gave you glitter
Stay for life, the God witness
Live. sublime the truth is there
Time, pslam or a dame can't deny
'None gave me this much', you said
Count that still ever, 'll be same.

None hath gave me what you have
In the garden colourless mine
Blossom blue, though fragrance far
Heals the mind, but forget not
Send the flower there, I'll wait
End of World, my bed of rest
And my soul 'll rest in peace
Find that life is worth a piece
Leave me, still that bloom true
Leave so much scent of MINE.

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