Saturday, October 13, 2007

Sathi & Vegetarian


Bored of sex, she made a pyre.
Motionless he lay,
The last sandal log hid his sky.

Shriek of raw body echoed
Meek, like the crystal hiss of
Torrid metal, phosphorous
And sulphur in the hugging kiln.

As if entering the honeymoon suite,
Fragrant of incense sandal sticks,
Seven footsteps she took,
On to his bed of fire, slumped,
To embrace SATHI.


“How much for Sardine?”
My query.
“The name is Madonna,”
Her Response.
“Choose ten big,”
My demand.
“Will turn nineteen
Next month,” snaps she.

Wrapped half in half out,
With Madonna-smile string,
Waves she, the packet.

Did it slip?

Wife cleans,
Tosses to cat, those
With rotten gills.
Tongue, acerbic chops
The man who regrets not,
The wasted bucks.

Swear I, to stop
Eating fish,
Fried without oil
And spice, in the
Microwave mind.
Swear, be vegetarian
From tomorrow,
To be true.


Samyuktha said...

Brilliant poems. I liked Sathi. Who did the translations? They are very nicely done, expecially Sathi. Vegetarian is an interesting poem. The image of Madonna is great. Will read again.

sree said...

sharp verse.good translation.where do i find the originals?

ശിവകുമാറ് അമ്പലപ്പുഴ said...

Dear Sree,

Original ithe blogil thazheyundallo...

Nandi, nalla vaakkukalkku...


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